The Puddlejumpers

» January 17, 2008

He is drawn to them
Like a bee to nectar
A babe to breast
Barefoot, sneaker clad, Croc clad
It matters not
Wet socks and frozen toes always lose
To the lure of the water
The thrill of the splash
The sound of the gush
Conventional “wisdom”
(the same kind that tells me not to share my bed
with my cub
or nourish him with my milk
for too long)
Tells me to scoop him up and scold him
My spirit
(the same one that tells me glitter all over the kitchen table
and milk snacks on the monkey bars
are ok)
tells me to join him
So I jump in too
Clogs and socks and blue toenails
He claps his hands and dances with delight
For his Momma is a could i have herpes puddle jumper too.

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3 responses to “The Puddlejumpers”

  1. christine says:

    lovely caurie, just lovely.

  2. christi says:

    reading this makes me realize how fast my little girls are growing up. thank you.. this is so sweet.

  3. Caurie

    This is a Great Site. Wow! Great Job!No Mystery! Just US. Susan and Michael. Yours